About Proxi

We are a creative agency with a focus on VIRTUAL REALITY.
We’re bringing our experience from the big screen to the 'in screen'.
Proxi is a VR production company dedicated to the creation of cinematic, live action VR at the highest level. We craft experiences that drop you into the middle of upcoming hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Suicide Squad’, and create episodic stories that you can experience differently every time. Our cutting edge technology and years of combined filmmaking experience allow us to create immersive adventures, exhibiting drama, horror, comedy and action in a way no other VR company can: inches from the action. Our integrated post team and proprietary software allow us take any project from concept to completion entirely in-house.

Action for Virtual Reality

We’ve conceived and executed some of the most memorable action sequences in the past 30 years. Now we’re bringing our experience to the 360º stage. In a medium that is quickly being cluttered with CG experiences, our methodology remains rooted in the physical world. We think you will see and feel the difference even if you can’t quite put your finger on it.

End to End Solution

Creating content for 360º experiences introduces some exciting and fun technology. We’ve worked with quite a bit of it and have developed some of our own. We can help navigate from concept, production, post, and delivery.

See things with us 

World class action design and stunt work formatted for virtual reality. 


The Team

Guy Norris – Director

Guy is regarded as one of the foremost Action Directors and Stunt Co-ordinators in the world today. His career started in the 1981 breakout film ‘The Road Warrior’ and over the past 30 years, Guy has co-ordinated and directed stunts on over 150 feature film and television projects. His work on the ground-breaking ‘Fury Road’ (6 Academy Awards) has set a new high bar for the design and filming of practical stunts and SFX in film. Guy’s passion is designing and capturing action in a way that transports the viewer to an experience they’ve not had before. This has led Guy to experiment, develop and utilise the latest advances in film capturing technology in his action direction culminating in the just completed film ‘Suicide Squad’ for Warner Bros for which he re-designed, directed and shot a major action piece of the film on the new Proxi VR Camera Rig. The Proxi VR experience will deliver a totally immersive viewing experience like no other system has to date.

Harrison Norris – Writer/Director

Harrison was literally raised on set. He graduated high school at the age of 15 at a school for the Gifted, his graduation film winning 11 of 13 total nominations, screening Australia wide, and gaining him a partial scholarship to Bond University, where he became the youngest student ever accepted to the Film program.
In the following years Harrison worked as a stunt performer on the internationally acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, live-directed the 18th annual BUFTA broadcast (amassing 10,000+ viewers over its three hour run time), and worked on Black Sails Season Two.
Following his graduation, Harrison’s second short ’A Peaceful Man’, was screened and received special mention at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2015. It has since garnered 20+ laurels internationally.
Harrison then worked on ‘Suicide Squad’ where he was responsible for the Stunt pre-visualisation. Harrison’s passion for the new world of VR then culminated in the creation of a groundbreaking new VR camera system, foregoing all proximity limitations to capture live action performance in closeup. At 19 Harrison used this new camera system to co-direct the official Suicide Squad VR experience.
Harrison has recently finished both a range of ‘to be announced’ VR projects and stunt pre-visualisation on ‘Ghost in the Shell’. and is currently prepping to both 2nd Unit direct Stephen Elliot’s (Priscilla: Queen of the Desert) upcoming feature ‘Flammable Children’.

John Gregory – Chief Business Officer

John has been a passionate participant in the screen production sector in Australia and internationally for over 20 years. Initially as a lawyer working in Business Affairs, John’s career in Television began as Vice President at Grundy Worldwide in Europe where he was a member of the Management team that established the Grundy television formats, production and distribution business in Europe, South America and South East Asia until the company was acquired by Pearson Television (now Fremantle Media). Upon returning to Australia in late 1995, John became General Manager of Beyond International. At Beyond, John worked across a broad range of media projects in the factual and drama genres for broadcaster clients including Discovery Channel, National Geographic and all the  Australian Free-to-air TV Networks. In 2000, John became the CEO of convergent media business – Imagination Entertainment (a Tinshed Company) – one of Australia’s first cross-platform media businesses in which role John drove the development of a wide range of new media brands delivering content across both traditional and non-traditional media delivery platforms. A co-founder of Freehand TV in 2004, one of Australia’s most prolific independent television production businesses, John well understands that producers of content can no longer rely on traditional TV business models.  ‘New media’ means new opportunities for reach, revenue and mutual benefit for creative collaborators. John is Chief Business Officer of Proxi VR Pty Limited

Joe DiValerio – Creative Technology

Joe is one of the leading visual effects minds in Hollywood today. With more than a decade of experience in VFX, Joe is recognized for an outstanding technical knowledge, fervent curiosity, and wide berth of ability brought to his work on over 50 motion pictures. Working directly with a diverse cache of filmmakers, Joe has developed and executed visual effects on some of the most challenging and innovative projects in recent history. He has been tapped to develop raw ideas, new technologies, and solutions for many creative mediums, and is passionate about immersive cinema.
The pursuit of a 360º immersive medium began more than 15 years ago developing new technology for the entertainment giant Marvel. He is applying his VFX experience and leading innovation to the recent wave of immersive content as a consultant for various startups and projects. Additionally, Joe develops, fosters and manages technical partnerships that pertain to VR post production. Joe’s work will continue to push forward the budding Virtual Reality industry with a unique perspective and proven approach.

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